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Hall of Famers are participants of the Duel Master Championships and won 5x straight. Here lies the hall of famers, a huge honour given to those who proved their power and value in the battlefield.

Blade Knight Soul Master Elf Magic Gladiator Dark Lord Summoner Rage Fighter Grow Lancer
Dimex Jess Blaster Dimex

Duel Master Championship Mechanics

DMC Champion Tag.gif

DMC is a monthly PVP Tournament that will replace our current ELITE Event. It will be a battle for supremacy to be the top of each Class. Victors of this Event Gains the Most powerful Set of his Class and branded as the Strongest of his Class.

  • We will have a Defending Champion every month
  • Register a character using the DMC Registration Form
  • Registered player must be online 1 Hour before his match.
  • Both players must be ready 5 minutes before the match and will be warped to the duel map.
  • If a Player is 5 minutes late in the agreed match time, He/She will be disqualified.
  • If a Player is disconnected during a match, they are given 5 minutes to reconnect while the last score should be continued until the first player reaches (7 Points) wins the match
  • Both players should record their gameplay. (Video Rules will be stated below)
  • If you log in to the wrong server while reconnecting, you will be disqualified.
  • A 2nd Disconnection will result in Disqualification.
  • DEFENDING CHAMPION is not allowed to use a dummy character and join the same class that they are defending.

What you CANNOT use during the event

  • X-Shop Buffs
  • Muun pets
  • Wiz Ring, Ring of Grudge and Ring of Destruction
  • Miscellaneous potions like Potion of Bless, Potion of Soul and Ale
  • Changing of Weapons during the match
  • Pets (EG: Fenrir, Satan, Angel, Guardian, IMP)
  • Teleportation Skill for SM
  • Illusion for SM
  • Nova for SM
  • Side Step for Elf
  • DL Stomp
  • Shield for BKs
  • Pentagrams
  • Kris (Weapon)
  • Weapons with Yellow Options (with exceptions)

What you CAN use

Video Rules

  • You have 48 Hours to post the video of your match (Winner Only)
  • Video must have Hidden Icons, Installed Apps and Task Manager (CLEARLY SHOWN)
  • Wait for both players to Say “GO” before you start
  • Both Players must be 10 blocks away from each other before saying “GO”
  • If a Kill happens before the “GO” Signal, the point will go to other player
  • Gears & Character Stats must be shown
  • Video will be checked by HGMs or CMTs
  • Video MUST have SOUNDS of The Game Client
  • Do NOT delete the video, unlist it on youtube instead

Prize for the Event

  • Duel Master Cup Champion Set for 1 Month
  • 1 Month DMC tag + Exclusive Animated Postbit Background and Exclusive Background
  • Winners Name and Forum Profile Will be Seen on our Main site at ZhyperMU


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